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Time to move onto higher digressions.

This too, like www.sameerbhat.blogspot.com, would be an eclectic diary.

However I’ll attempt to confine my rants to three-four main motifs. [For the while they are called — Short stories, caffinated thoughts, random notes] I may stretch my imagination later.

So…cutting the chase and coming to the point.
This is majorly a short-stories blog by a hack in his late 20’s. [Ah — the impish kicks of tempting twenties]. I don’t know how it shapes up but I’ve Hope. And creativity to look upto.

Here, we are for creative ideas, old tales, new fables.

We are not for comments. If you feel like to, patch your feedback across to sameer20[at]gmail.com. Bouquets are encouraged though we don’t mind brickbats 🙂

Kashmiryat is an attempt to hold onto things bygone – romanticism, humor, poetry, goodness, joy, innocence.

Take a break from the fucking mechanized lives we have been reduced to. Jog your senses.

As the cliché goes….Fasten your seat belts. Read on.




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